CFO / Chief accountant

  1. Be self‐checking => before you send figures, check whether what you send is correct and whether overview 1 matches with overview 2 etc.
  2. Analytical => when reporting the sales, results at the
    financial controller in the Netherlands, indicate why things differ with regard to budget etc
  3. Proactive => indicate yourself which costs still have to be booked
    with regard to a certain period that are not yet in the administration
  4. Working efficiently => how can we (simply) organize the
    (administrative) process despite the entire Russian paper mill.
  5. English => being able to
    communicate directly with the controller in the Netherlands.
  6. Being able to explain
    Russian fiscal matters to the controller in the Netherlands
  7. Being able to work well with Excel and 1C
  8. Being able to independently create a Budget / LUF for P&L, Balance
    Sheet and Cash Flow. Now our controller in the Netherlands ensures that this becomes a sort of fill‐in exercise for Barenbrug Russia and he does most of the work by combining everything together to ultimately
    achieve a result. This point may be something that should not happen immediately in year 1, but the person must have the potential to tackle this independently. Certainly with our intention to grow Russia, it is ultimately the intention that Barenbrug Russia will operate more autonomously from Holland and is therefore sufficiently qualified for this.


  • operational accounting with support from warehouse employee
  • conducting personnel administration for 10 employees
  • drafting in submission of all formal Russian reports
  • generate and analyze reports for HQ in the Netherlands
  • actively controlling
  • knowledge and experience with the principle of accounting based on accruals
  • command of English language
  • experience working at an international company, with a direct line to foreign financial management
  • optional experience with budgeting