Head of Reconciliation section

Highly responsible, accurate person who is able to process detailed investigations, pay attention to details, work with huge amount of data;
Knowledge of Russian accounting and IFRS standards;
Fluent English;
High communicative skills;
Managerial skills will be a plus.
To perform Daily, Monthly, Quarterly reconciliation tasks: 
– To check Diasoft-ISIS, Diasoft, ISIS reconciliation reports
– To process the scope of ISIS standard controls, Diasoft-ISIS local controls
– To load reconciliation reports to controls sharepoint
To check CBR exchange rates loaded to Diasoft on the daily basis:
– Validation of loaded rates
– Informing users after rates validation
– Contacting IT support in case of technical issues
To perform Reserves (Provisions) checking in Diasoft on the daily basis:
– To run the report dedicated to checking of Reserves
– To create entries on creation/increasing/decreasing of Reserves, make sure entries validated by Chef Accountant
– To sign the documents on Reserves in Electronic Archive
To perform check of Open Currency Position in Diasoft on the daily basis:
– To run the report dedicated to Open Currency Position breaches
– To create entries on Open Currency Position regulation, make sure entries validated by Chef Accountant
– To timely load and send reports on Open Currency Position to CBR tool “PTK PSD”
– To print and sign paper documents on Open Currency Position in order to deliver them to respective department (Documents of Day)
To participate in Diasoft, ISIS systems testings:
– To communicate with support teams and back-office colleagues regarding testing plan, participate in regular conference calls
– To perform testing activities and check testing results, raising requests on technical incidents
– To give “go/no go” to support teams in order to deliver/not deliver the system enhancement to production environment
To communicate and coordinate work with outsource team IFIN Platform regarding Diasoft-ISIS controls performing:
– To look through the requests of IFIN Platform team on the daily basis, responding them within deadlines
– To communicate with heads of the IFIN Platform team regarding recent changes in controls performance
– To participate in quarter KPI calls and giving feedback on work with the outsource team
– To validate controls contributed by IFIN Platform team in controls sharepoint
To communicate with technical support teams on technical issues till solution is found:
– Raising requests on technical problems to respective support team
– Communicating with support teams via. E-mail, phone, Calitrack
To consult back-office regarding daily Diasoft-ISIS activities:
– To send requests on discrepancies and adjustments
– To answer the questions coming from back-office regarding daily Diasoft-ISIS activities
– To update tipical instructions
To prepare the reports requested by External auditors or Inspection Generale:
– To prepare and send needed reports upon requests within prescribed deadlines
– To communicate with auditors in order to provide needed explanations and answer their questions
To control timely contribution to controls sharepoints by back-office teams:
– To control timely contribution, sending informing mails, reminders
– To validate controls dashboard once all teams contributed their controls
– To contact support team if technical problems appear
– To administrate controls workflow if any changes occur
To plan the workflow of Reconciliation section team:
– To analyse the amount of work in order to share the tasks between team members
– To plan the workflow in such a way that every member of the team can easily replace the other member in his/her absence
– To provide the execution of tasks received from direct manager Chef Accountant