The program of adaptation for employees affected by personnel reduction; a set of measures to assist dismissed employees in employment.

This program allows our Client company to:

  • Maintain its positive image (both within the company and outside of it),
  • Increase loyalty among the remaining employees,,
  • To prevent a loss of labor performance (which may occur due to a feeling of instability among employees),
  • Save time (psychological and professional support is carried out by our consultants),
  • Reduce the potential costs connected with resolving legal disputes between the parties.

Stages of work:

  • Professional testing (definition of core competencies, professional inclinations, employee motivation)
  • Consultations on labor market issues
  • Writing a professional CV
  • Preparing for interviews, developing a strategy of effective self-presentation
  • Review of the industry market, creation of a marketing plan for finding a job
  • Professional support in job search
  • Psychological support for dismissed employees

Consulting is provided by C-executives consultants, who know perfectly the latest market trends and job search techniques.