Transaction banking (TB) Sales Manager (Western Bank)

Major responsibilities:

  • Sells and Supports Corporate Bankers in promoting Transaction banking solutions (Account keeping, payments (domestic & cross border), saving accounts, e-banking, SWIFTNet, liquidity management services (cash pool), etc.)
  • Contributes to cross-sell products (notably Treasury, FX and Trade finance)
  • Contributes to elaborate the TB annual commercial action plan, jointly with Corporate Bankers
    • Participates in the definition of a list of priority clients to be pitched (including target product mix definition)
    • Assesses business potential of its portfolio, client per client, develops his/her portfolio, initiates new potential deals and mandates on his/her activity perimeter. Follows-up these actions and elaborates the commercial action plan relating to his portfolio
    • Contributes to Portfolio Revues with Coverage in order to identify prospects
    • Assesses the feasibility of a transaction (i.e. technical aspects) on the basis of the Client needs and the proposed solution
    • Contributes to worldwide priority actionsin line with commercial action plans set by the Transaction Banking Product Line
    • Evaluates / challenges the budget bricks coherence both in his geography (local clients and inbound) and in other geographies for local MNC clients (outbound)
    • Provides insight to the Corporate Bankers in terms of market trends and client segmentation (market and technological watch)
  • To accomplish the following objectives: Local TB Budget (NBI), Collected liquidity (volumes), Number of mandates won, Number of client pitches
  • Supports Corporate Bankers in preparing proposals / answering RFPs
    • Contributes to proposals jointly with Corporate Bankers and also proposes business opportunities to Corporate Bankers
    • Proposes adequate pricing schemes
    • Makes sure that business proposals comply with legal, fiscal and other local regulations
    • Validates the feasibility of the solution contracted
  • Is accountable for implementation once the contract is signed  
    • Coordinates client requests with BO / MO / Product Managers
    • In case of a complex implementation, if it is supported by an Implementation Manager and / or bring together competent interlocutors (back-office, middle-office, legal, etc.) as soon as the implementation process is complex. 
  • Collects specific requirements formulated by clients and convey them to TB Head as well as Product Development Group
    • Make sure that clients specifications / requirements are duly transmitted
    • Contributes to the business cases elaboration in order to evaluate the pertinence of required developments to meet specific requirements formulated by clients.
    • Participates to P&S Sales Support network (e.g. best practices sharing)
  • Responsible for maintaining business relationships with existing clients of the bank;
  • In case an opportunity in a client subsidiary stems from Head Office, there is joint responsibility between Head office TB Sales and local TB Sales 
  • Maintains and develops business relationships with existing clients of the bank with the goal to enlarge the portfolio of clients
  • Ensures regular reporting to Global TB Sales Head and supports effective communication with TB teams across the countries 
  • Actively participates in sales activities for TB products and solutions contributing to the fulfillment of TB annual commercial action plan, coordinates sales activities with Relationship Managers and other business lines 
  • Participates in customer meetings and calls being capable to independently present TB products and solutions  
  • Defines customer needs related to Transaction Banking offering, monitors market, conveys new requests and trends to TB Head as well as Product Development Group

·         Prepares presentations materials for TB products and solutions 

·         Coordinates RFP process and prepares respective offers 

Meeting the following requirements:

  • At least 5 years of  previous experience with TB
  • Knowledge of banking products and services
  • Fluent English (oral & written)
  • Client-oriented approach with  excellent communication skills, able to handle multiple tasks
  • Strong capacity to team-working
  • Successful commercial experience
  • Budget realization on his/her Clients portfolio
  • Experience in answering international Transaction Banking tenders
  • Knowledge of clients main expectations in terms of optimization of their cash-management solutions, liquidity management, account management, working cap. etc.
  • Knowledge of market tendencies (optimization, simplification, digitalization, payment security, etc.)
  • Successful international experience is an advantage
  • Project management experience is an advantage.