Treasury Back Office Specialist


·         proceeds the Bank’s operations on financial markets: FX, MM, Securities;

·         proceeds the Clients’ operations FX, Securities;

·         prepares payment documents and processes settlements with correspondent banks and the Bank’s client in Diasoft and SWIFT;

·         verifies the Bank’s assets and liabilities on FX market;

·         verifies internal accounts of the Bank on financial markets’ operations;

·         prepares information for regulators and auditors by request of the manager;

·         controls and makes timely corrections of entries as per IFRS requirements;

·         monitors for correct accruing of NPV and %% in the morning and evening 

·         monitors for documents turnover with MOEX;

·         performs Nostro position monitoring;

·         prepares reporting to CBR and other authorities;

·         performs corrections of reconciliation breaks and reports to Finance;


·         previous experience in treasury back-office in a bank;

·         knowledge of legislation in the field of financial markets operations;

·         FCSM certificate 1.0;

·         English – intermediate level.