Head of Strategic Office

Organisational Structure
Scope: Reports to:
Bigsized companyChief Transformation Officer / Strategy Development and Implementation Division
Purpose of the Job
The purpose of the job is creating and launching of an organisation-wide business strategy which will improve the organisation’s competitive position across country.
Key Responsibilities
Strategic responsibilities:* Ensure Bank’s goals are in place, relevant to the market and are known to all employees of the Bank
* Set up KPIs across the bank to match the Bank’s overall goals
* Form relevant corporate governance including system of rules, distribution of responsibilities to build an environment of accountability necessary for stimulating business development and financial stability
* Deliver and interpret continuous market screening and competitive landscaping
* Provide strategic advisory to other blocks related to business planning and performance assessments
* Drive strategic planning and budgeting processOperational responsibilities:* Lead the team – hire, manage and develop local talent * Market research
* Competition monitoring
* Design and development of strategic initiatives* Provide guidance and training of all related departments and teams * Determine market research needs & execute accordinglypage1image18236928 page1image18237120
Functional Expertise
Recuired type and duration of functional specific experience in different/similar jobs, formal education, professional training, language knowledge, hard skills, certifications
* Minimum 5+ years of relevant experience in international consulting * Knowledge of banking sector is a plus* Indepths knowledge of the consumer market, good understanding of P&L’s, budgeting, reporting and financial performance * Knowledge and understanding of consumer industry best practices and standards (digital, technological etc)
* Good knowledge of competitive offerings and market trends
External Work Relations
Networking, International Consulting Companies, Partners
Leadership Qualities
Basic Qualities Required for the Role
Customer ObsessionDigital SavvinesThinking Big
People CentricityEntrepreneurshipRisk in Mind
Operation ExcellenceEthicsIntegrity