Head of Project Office / Implementation of Innovations

Organisational Structure
Scope: Reports to:
Bigsized company Chief Transformation Officer (B-1)
Purpose of the Job
The purpose of the job is timely implementation of an organisation-wide business strategy which will improve the organisation’s competitive position across country.
Key Responsibilities
Strategic responsibilities:* Establish investment principles for allocation of resources including prioritization based on value drivers (prioritization matrix) * Launch a framework for effective Implementation (SAFE/project office)
* Recover monitoring of implemented initiatives including evaluation of results
* Run whole-bank/x-functional projects* Initiate and lead investment committee
* Lead the team
* Drive strategy execution planning and budgeting processpage1image18248256
Functional Expertise
Recuired type and duration of functional specific experience in different/similar jobs, formal education, professional training, language knowledge, hard skills, certifications
* Minimum 3+ years of relevant experience in international consulting
* Technical Higher Education
* Indepths knowledge of Lean, Agile, SAFe, good understanding of P&L’s, budgeting, reporting
* Knowledge and understanding of consumer industry best practices and standards (digital, technological etc) * Fluent English
External Work Relations
Networking, International Consulting Companies / Vendors
Leadership Qualities
Basic Qualities Required for the Role
Customer ObsessionDigital SavvinesThinking Big
People CentricityEntrepreneurshipRisk in Mind
Operation ExcellenceEthicsIntegrity